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The rise of content syndications simply means that perfect content is no longer enough. You need more than just great content, you have to make sure it is seen. Megarray is a powerful social media marketing solution for business, brands and bloggers

Set up Social Accounts

When it comes to publishing content, Megarray helps your syndicated content show up on social media accounts or have the social media content syndicated to their websites. One can handle multiple social networks through a single dashboard.


Improve your presence and interact with your audience with post scheduling and campaign monitoring. Automate social updates, schedule posts or distribute video content on various social media.


Engage with your target audience with post scheduling and campaign monitoring. Generate organic traffic by posting and sharing content on major social networks. keep track of the performance of campaigns with smart content management available on Megarray.

Elevate your Content Marketing Strategy with Megarray

Multiple Channel Posting

Intelligent Content Distribution

All Inclusive Automation

Content Distribution Tool

With Megarray you can increase your social reach by posting your content to all the cities, within the targetted region. You can build high quality backlinks with Megarray, which in turn helps you rank higher in the search engine results. You can also syndicate pictures, videos and other social content easily.

Megarray, automates your content distribution, syndication of videos, helps in creating engaging SEO strategies and maintain your campaigns easily.

What do you achieve?
  • More Traffic

    Megarray, a content syndication platform, allows you to target your content on specific individuals on several social media platforms.

  • Knowing A Brand

    The content syndication platform increases the awareness of a brand. Your content will be visible on several platforms with the name of the brand attached to it.

  • Website Visitors

    With your syndicated content, you can target your audience with brand. If your content includes links to the other content you created, you will have curious people clicking on those links.

  • Interacting with your target audience

    It will increase once your content is distributed on various social media channels. Engaging with your clients is a sign of good faith for the other clients. When people talk about a product or service, they will turn to social media

Megarray is literally the biggest thing in 2016 that really transformed my business. It simplified my accounts and took the stress away that impacts both cost and value. I would highly recommend you give Megarray a try.

-Barry Richards

We're truly amazed at the depth and richness of the Megarray. The all in one functionality allowed us to maximize the returns and solution provider to our clients.

-Jason Reid

It's pretty incredible what Megarray can do, perfect for high-volume SEO strategies. We strongly recommend it!


Megarray is the ideal solution for digital marketing and search engine optimization to maximize the returns. We can quickly add backlinks to the projects as needed, keeping us focused on delivering great results for the clients rather than worrying about costs.

-Kevin Speights